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Caron Royal Bain de Caron 125ml Edt

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"Parfums Caron is a legendary French perfume house founded by Ernest Daltroff in 1904. With no formal training as a perfumer but a love for perfume instilled by his mother and a very talented nose, Daltroff set about creating what would become one of the most enduring and beloved perfume houses in the history of the fragrance industry."

Caron, the very sound of the name conjures up an array of sweet, refined bouquets evocative of magical, unforgettable fragrances. Caron perfumes made of rare floral extracts and exotic natural essences for over a century have led to international recognition. Daltroff's unrevealed love for his muse and artistic adviser, Delicie Wanpouille, led to many of the house's great successes, including Pour Un Homme and Fleurs de Rocaille. Other timeless scents include Narcisse Noir, Nuit de Noel, Lady Caron, and Bellodgia.

True to the French High Perfumery tradition. Today, Caron has risen successfully to the challenge and restored the art of perfumery.