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Alfred Sung Hei 100ml EDT

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Alfred Sung Shi 100ml EDP

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Alfred Sung Sung 100ml EDT

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Alfred Sung Sung Homme 100ml EDT

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Debuted in 1986, Alfred Sung perfume is a distinctive essence with many intriguing notes. This fragrance is especially recommended for an elegant and sophisticated woman who prefers to wear noble and high-quality fragrances. Its perfume is an ensemble of floral and citrus notes. 

Try Alfred Sung's fragrance for an irresistible scent makeover. It'll make you smell amazing, adding elegance to your day. With just a spritz, you'll feel confident like never before!

The Alfred Sung is not a perfume alone but a classic time element that has always been part of history. It is a special day apparel or a perfume when you feel more comfortable and relaxed, bringing elegance and beauty to your life. It is, therefore, one of the most sought-after perfumes among women, making it a top-rated one in every woman's collection. 

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