Testers come in various sizes and forms of packing – some come with a simple white or brown box with or without a cap and may be labeled “Tester”. The quality of the perfumes themselves is not affected at all and is the same as the one in the retail fancy box. But the price is much lower. All our testers are sold unused, with the entire original quantity in the container. A great way to buy quality at a discounted price!

Q&A from Fragrantica users on Testers.

FAQs on Tester Perfumes


– Is it the same product?

Yes absolutely, without the testers the fragrance houses cannot promote the products; therefore it is 100% guaranteed the same product.

– Are they the same quality & smell?

Yes, they are completely the same and of the same concentration. Often a fragrance will only mature on your skin after 30 minutes and up to 1 hour.

– How do I know that it is a full bottle and it has not been sprayed?

The product is sealed at our warehouse and is checked for full content before shipping.

– Why do testers come in a brown/white box or unboxed?

That is the cheapest package to use, the product is not meant to be sold, hence the design of the box and sticker displaying tester. 

– Can I buy testers from My Perfume Shop?

Yes, we have the biggest tester collection in Africa, often you will have saved up to 50% of the same perfume in a retail display box.

– What is the difference?

No difference in the product, however, cost-effective Packaging (Plain cardboard box / Maybe no lid).

 – Why Do they look different?

The boxes will often have written text with “not for sale” The boxes are brown or white, and the testers are in a less attractive packaged card box

– Why do some testers come without top lids?

Some testers have a lid and are boxed, it will not affect the perfume! But we do prefer to have testers with a lid, our advice is that the saving must warrant if the tester has no lid. You are welcome to call us for more information on your preferred product specification.

 – Is it legal to buy and sell perfume testers?

Yes, provided that the seller informs the buyer that it is a tester and sold as a tester.






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