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Lanvin is a French Fashion house which also holds the reputation of being Paris’ oldest fashion house which has focused on luxury fashion ensembles notably mother-daughter ensembles, luxury accessories, and perfumes. Lanvin was founded in 1889 at 22 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré by 22-year-old Jeanne Lanvin. Lanvin's most notable achievement took place after she expanded the fashion house to include Lanvin Parfums in 1924. The company's most successful fragrance, Arpège (named after her daughter Marguerite's arpeggios during piano practice) was launched to great success in 1927 and remains an enduring classic, still in production today. The golden figure on Arpège’s perfume bottle depicts Jeanne and Marguerite attending a ball. This golden figure symbolizing maternal love became the House of Lanvin logo in 1954.

Lanvin's most notable perfumes include names such as;  Eclat D'arpege, Eclat D'arpege (for men)L’homee, Vetyver, Oxygene and Rumeur


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Your perfume might be invisible but it can be the most dominant accessory you wear. In fact, according to psychologists, smell is the sense most closely related to memory. This means your fragrance can help you leave a lasting impression when you need it the most. And with a wide variety of luxurious, designer fragrances available, there’s no reason to ever smell less than exquisite.

My Perfume Shop understands that having a signature scent is important. Your fragrance is a crucial part of your outfit. It can leave as memorable an impact as a designer suit, killer heels or diamonds would on those in your company. And, so, we went ahead and did some research on the most sensual and exclusive perfume brands available. Now, we have the largest stock of rare perfumes from across the globe which means you too can now immerse yourself in the captivating scent of your favourite designer. We can proudly bring you the largest range of luxury designer perfumes at a cost-effective and competitive pricing structure. We have more than 200 authentic designer perfumes from across the globe and our catalogue is always growing.

Among our bestsellers, you’ll find the likes of Bvlgari, Dior, Issey Miyake and Versace. Our top 10 brands include captains of industry like Creed, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci. If there is a luxury perfume out there, we will find it and ensure that it’s included in our catalogue.

Don’t be shy to browse around our site. We have conveniently sorted our offering into alphabetical order so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Alternatively, we’re on call to be of assistance to you at all times. You can chat with us online or find us on WhatsApp. And if you need some help in choosing the perfect scent to suit any occasion, head over to our blog. This is where we unpack the latest trends and the most helpful tips on how to determine a fragrance that’ll help you be the best version of yourself.
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