A Detailed Review of Prada Candy: A Feminine Fragrance

Prada Candy EDP is a scent for new-age women who are more daring and sensual and know how to live their life to the fullest. Its bottle is just as bizarre as the scent within, unlocking some uncommon shades. It finishes with a dynamic take on Prada’s signature Saffiano leather texture in a shocking pink coloring. In this blog, we will explore a detailed review of Prada Candy. 

It starts with Prada Candy’s history. Prada Candy, formulated by Daniela Andrier, entered the market in 2011. The fragrance is so youthful that it quickly becomes an iconic fragrance. The arrangement of the scent possesses a graceful mix of musks at the top, an alluring balsamic vanillic accord of benzoin in the heart, and sweet modern Caramel in the base of the scent. 

What is the Smell of Prada Candy?

Discussing the smell of Prada Candy, its base notes are of Benzoin and Vanilla, the top is Caramel, and the middle is powdery and musk. The top notes give the warm and rich smell in the beginning, further led by the smell that is a feral and warm undertone, which is captivating overall. 

The middle notes are powdery, giving hints of comfortable and cozy senses. This comforting feel makes the perfume an addictive aroma for the one who carries it and for the people around it experiencing it. Late in the game, there is just enough dark, woody undertone to push it into the “sexy” category. 

The smell of Prada Candy is alluring and addictive because of its notes individually and when combined to give an uncommon aroma. Women carrying it can stand out in the crowd, flaunting their unique presence with this presence. It’s like the smell that people would like to be around the one wearing it. 

How Long Does the Smell Stay? 

How fine a fragrance could be, but when it comes to how long that smell could last, it has to be a good long time. It has to last longer on the skin to fall into the list of best perfumes. Besides, the quality of the perfume also concerns how far the smell of the perfume can reach. 

Returning to Prada Candy, it lasts longer and is perfect for those long day outings. It has an average lasting time of about 8 hours, an excellent score. When you can carry this perfume, applying it multiple times for one occasion is unnecessary. Just a few sprays at a time can work all day long.  

Since Prada Candy does not have a strong smell, it can only be smelled comparatively at a moderate distance from the applier. That means it has a pleasant smell that a person from a moderate distance can notice. This state of sillage is excellent for those who want to make an impression without overpowering those around them.

How Does the Bottle of Prada Candy Looks Like?

The scent’s look is often also important for some people. Prada Candy‘s bottle is sleek and elegant in looks that imprint the sensual and sweet feels of the perfumes.  The bottle is made of transparent glass and features a sleek, rectangular shape with rounded edges. The overall structure of the bottle is austere yet sophisticated, making it a great complement to any vanity or dresser.

The scent bottle is wrapped in a box made with quality cardboard, featuring the same color scheme as the bottle, and that comes with proper branding along with the description of the brand and perfume.

About the Costing of Prada Candy 

Prada is considered a luxurious brand, so it is expected to have a higher threshold for starting prices. Though in that price range, Prada Candy is the best option considering the longevity and sillage. A luxury brand fragrance’s premium price point is expected, and the value is excellent. 

Overall experience  

The overall experience of Prada Candy is good enough for personal use for its longevity and in terms of fragrance. Moreover, it is also a good option to gift someone for all the above reasons, including the presentation of the perfume.  It is for the one who wants to impress someone; this perfume can work a major part. 


In conclusion, the Prada Candy EDP is a flavorsome and alluring perfume that is perfect for bold women who want to make a notice wherever they go. The aroma has characteristics like sweetness, warmth, and overall comfort. It has good longevity and sillage. It has a bit of higher pricing, but it’s worth the price, and since it’s a brand, it is justified there. 

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