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Versace Blue Jeans 75ml Edt

Original price was: R1035,00.Current price is: R795,00.

Versace Bright Crystal 30ml Edt

Original price was: R1150,00.Current price is: R835,00.

Versace Bright Crystal 5ml Edt – Mini

Original price was: R269,00.Current price is: R239,00.

Versace Bright Crystal 90ml Edt

Original price was: R2310,00.Current price is: R1899,00.

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu 30ml Edp

Original price was: R1150,00.Current price is: R835,00.

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu 5ml Edp – Mini

Original price was: R279,00.Current price is: R229,00.

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu 90ml Edp

Original price was: R2390,00.Current price is: R1999,00.

Versace Crystal Noir 5ml EDT – Mini

Original price was: R275,00.Current price is: R229,00.

Versace Dylan Blue Mini

Original price was: R259,00.Current price is: R199,00.


Original price was: R249,00.Current price is: R189,00.

Versace Dylan Blue pour Femme 100ml Edp

Original price was: R2520,00.Current price is: R2090,00.

Versace Dylan Blue pour Homme 100ml Edt

Original price was: R1950,00.Current price is: R1595,00.

Are you a fan of jasmine aroma or the santal bliss, then Versace perfumes have the finest classic collection of floral bliss finished up with vanilla musk to compliment your personality. Versace fragrances are a rich blend of panache, elegance and legendary luxurious feel of the brand that redefined fashion over the years. So, if you are seeking a fragrance to suit your beautiful attire, Versace scent at My Perfume Shop is an ideal choice for any man and woman.

Introducing Versace, one of the world's most elegant, seductive and provocative perfume houses. Founded by the late Gianni Versace in 1978, this brand takes a lot from its founder Gianni and also features scents dedicated to his family and loved ones.

Versace eros could easily be named the world's most preferred designer perfume. My Perfume Shop believes our customers should emit an even better scent than the celebs who flaunt these seductive perfumes. So we've carefully priced our range of perfumes to aid in this endeavor.