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Initiated in 2004, this fragrance, named after the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, is a classy scent with green and spicy top notes like bay leaf, pink pepper, red currant, lotus, and rose. 

This scent will mark others' impressions, whether you're attending casual gatherings or formal events. Its alluring aroma will give you confidence and make it your go-to for your daily scent experience.

It offers a certain mysterious and appealing quality. It is built to be a highly attractive and refined scent. This fragrance is made from natural ingredients, like a sweet memory of when couples are in love and kissing under the moon. It captures the essence of a soft, creamy, and strong-smelling flower called the mistress of the night. It lets you feel passionate and express yourself freely. 

This aromatic mix creates the ideal atmosphere for casual and business events. It oozes out affluence without overpowering those nearby. For women who like to be extroverted, Alexander McQueen Perfume is a must-have in your daily routine. Its distinctive aroma makes you the life of every party you attend. 

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