Oud for Perfumes: A Fragrance for the Royalty

Oud is a very pricey ingredient in perfumes nowadays. It comes from the wood of the Agarwood tree.  Perfume makers love it because of its sweet, woody, and fragrant smell.

Since ancient times, people have considered oud for perfume as a special gift. But nowadays, most perfumes and colognes contain a lot of alcohol and water, with only a small amount of perfume extract, usually around 3-5%. This makes OUD stand out as it is a natural scent with traditions stored in it. 

What is OUD?

Made from tree resin, oud is a very strong-smelling oil. It’s often used in perfumes as a base note, adding depth and a rich, woody, sensual scent.

Oud for perfume has been used for a long time in different ways. It is used in medicine and perfumes. Oud is also used in religious ceremonies for hundreds of years in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Even in 1400 BC, it was seen as a symbol of wealth and luxury.

Oud is also mentioned in religious texts. The Old Bible Testament mentions it, and in Islamic traditions, prophets were told to clean their clothes with its smoke.

Oud perfumes celebrate this special substance’s long history and importance, combining ancient traditions with amazing scents for a unique experience.

Why Oud Should Be Your Signature Fragrance

Oud isn’t always just any other cologne; it’s a whole new stage of the perfume experience. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience with many advantages that can make it your signature scent. Here are some motives why Oud will be your subsequent thrilling perfume journey.

Lasts Longer 

Oud fragrance boasts a lasting presence on the skin, enduring for several hours up to a full day owing to its potent nature. As a key fixative in fragrance composition, oud tends to linger longest on the skin, unveiling its earthy undertones once the initial top and heart notes fade away.

Compared to lighter fragrances, oud perfumes generally exhibit an extended shelf life thanks to their heavier and richer base notes. These robust ingredients, such as oud or ambergris, are less susceptible to oxidation.

Typically, oud fragrances maintain their quality for approximately three to five years. However, various factors, including formulation and storage methods, can influence this duration.

Mysterious and Alluring Scent 

Oud presents a captivating aroma, distinctive in its allure. It is warm, intense, earthy, and sensual, with a subtle hint of animalistic notes. Drawing from its natural origins, many perfume enthusiasts linked oud to the scent of fresh, slightly damp soil, the rustic essence of a corral, or even hay basking in the sunlight.

The scent of oud can vary depending on the species of the aquaria tree from which it’s extracted. Some resins offer a sweeter aroma, while others exude a smokier, more balsamic fragrance, evolving in character as they dry. On the other hand, synthetic ouds boast a distinct scent profile—less animalistic than their natural counterparts, often leaning towards a slightly sweeter and nuttier aroma.

Magnetic Attraction 

The intensity and complexity of oud’s aroma, with hints of spice, leather, and timber, are undeniably exciting. Compared to other generally used perfume notes, oud’s dark, sweet, and musky scent turns the host into an attractive and mysterious person. Oud leaves a long-lasting effect on each person who encounters it, making a bold and unforgettable assertion.

Confidence in a Bottle

Oud exudes an air of quiet confidence and unwavering energy. People who use oud for perfumes do not require speech to convey their message, but the scent expresses their Grandeur. The intensity and complexity of the aroma talk volumes, expressing your sharp taste and unwavering presence.

Exclusive Oud Perfumes from the My Perfume Shop

Oud scents are warm and earthy, known for their strong woody smell. They often have rich, leathery tones with a hint of smoke. Oud is intense and aromatic, similar to musk or amber fragrances.

Oud, often called ‘liquid gold,’ is one of the priciest natural substances. It’s highly valued for its luxurious aroma.

Unlike conventional colognes, oud is a communication starter, an announcement piece for the discerning individual. Oud’s attraction transcends fads. It’s a timeless tradition, an olfactory masterpiece to be able to in no way exit from style. 

Let’s look at some luxurious oud fragrances from My Perfume Shop. 

Guerlain D’Orient Oud Essential 125ml EDP 

Guerlain D'Orient Oud Essentiel 125ml EDP

Oud isn’t just an expensive scent; it’s an enjoyment. So, if you are considering going for a long-lasting impression, choose Oud, the luxurious Fragrance. Don’t look no further than Guerlain D’Orient Oud Essentiel 125 ml EDP, the best in the marketplace, to make you feel like royalty.

Key ingredients: Agarwood (oud), rose, saffron, leather, cedar, and olibanum.

Roja Musk Aoud Crystal Parfum 100ml

Roja Musk Aoud Crystal Parfum 100ml

Roja Dove’s Crystal Musk Aoud Parfum 100 ml offers a captivating blend of East and West. Musky notes like ambrette and musk intertwine with leather, oakmoss, and earthy patchouli for a sensual and exotic effect. Yet, a touch of vanilla and tonka bean adds a surprising sweetness, further warmed by sandalwood and precious wood notes. Hints of florals like ylang-ylang, rose, and jasmine peek through, adding a touch of unexpected delight.

The brilliance of this fragrance lies in its “crystal” quality. Special techniques remove the oil’s colour without sacrificing its scent, allowing you to wear Musk Aoud with lighter fabrics without leaving stains. The woody Arabian oud remains the central star, a clear waterfall within a forest of Aquilaria trees. Musk Aoud is a truly captivating and versatile fragrance that is invisible to the eye but intense on the nose.

Key Ingredients: Labdanum, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Sandalwood,  Leather, Oud,  Nutmeg, Ambrette, and Musk

Alexandre J Zafeer Oud Vanille 100ml EDP

Zafeer Oud Vanille by Alexandre. J is a unisex fragrance. This captivating scent features a delectable mix of fruity notes, agarwood (the prized oud), and rich vanilla. It also has a powdery iris and the warmth of tonka bean. Hints of musk, leather, and spicy cloves add depth and intrigue. Creamy coconut and delicate ylang-ylang are woven throughout, creating a truly captivating and unforgettable experience.

Key Ingredients: The Top notes are Coconut, Toffee, and Leather; the middle notes are Tonka Bean, Ylang-Ylang, White Woods, and Cloves; and the base notes are Vanilla, Agarwood (Oud), and Musk.

Narciso Rodriguez Oud Musk 100ml EDP

Narciso Oud Musc

Narciso Rodriguez completes his Oriental Musk collection with the captivating Oud Musk. Launched in 2019 by perfumer Caroline Sabas, this unisex fragrance is an intoxicating blend. It features a rich accord of precious oud wood, a touch of intense musk, and a fresh myrtle for a captivating and unforgettable experience.

Key Ingredients: Oud, Amberwood

Amouroud Oud Tabac 100ml EDP


Oud Tabac is a captivating and addictive fragrance that lingers in the memory. It opens with a spicy burst of coriander and ginger, later softened by sweet heliotrope, saffron, and leathery honey. The heart unfolds with a luxurious embrace of oud, smoky olibanum, and warm Amberwood. The base includes vanilla bourbon and balsamic notes. The warm and sensual blend is because of cedar and guaiac wood. 

Key Ingredients: Ginger, Coriander, Heliotrope, Saffron, Pipe Tobacco NP, Oud, Olibanum, Amberwood, Cedar, Cistus, Vanilla Bourbon, Musk

Therefore, if you wish to make a style statement at an event, you can use the above-mentioned oud perfumes.


The high cost of oud for perfume stems from its scarcity and the labor-intensive extraction process. Agarwood resin, the key ingredient, has limited natural production. This rarity is further compounded by international laws protecting aquilaria trees, leading to the use of synthetic alternatives. Oud’s lasting power lies in its potency as a fixative. The fragrance clings to the skin for hours, captivating with its earthy and animalistic aroma. With a three to five-year shelf life, these luxury perfumes offer a prized olfactory experience in the world of fragrances.

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