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Fragrance Application Guide

Posted: Aug 05 2019

Have you have wondered if there is a best way to apply perfume? How much you apply will depend on the effect you're wanting (e.g. a day at the office, or a night of dining or clubbing).Keep in mind that perfume reacts to everyone's skin differently and therefore it may last longer and even maybe smell a bit different on some people than others.

 The best time to apply perfume is after the shower as your skin is clean and moist. If it is dirty and dry, the perfume won't be able to settle into the skin. After having a shower, apply some moisturiser, and then apply the perfume.The best places to apply the perfume are on the pulse points. Spray the perfume from about 20 cm away so it is a mist of molecules that are landing on your skin and not a pool of liquid. Let the perfume dry on your skin and don't rub it in.  

Where To Apply Fragrances According To Concentration

Eau De Cologne

Best Areas To Apply Eau de Cologne To:

  • Lower Jaw
  • Neck
  • Shoulders

Shake a little bit of perfume onto your palm and rub your hands together quickly. Rub over your neck and behind your ears for an invigorating pick-me-up. Breathe deeply as you do, so the fragrance goes in your nose and out your mouth. Re-apply every 2 hours as needed.

Eau De Toilette

Best Areas To Apply Eau de Toilette To:

  • Side of neck (or back of neck)
  • Wrists and elbows
  • Back of knees
  • The ankles  

Because Eau de Toilette is a light fragrance concentration you may need to re-apply every 3-4 hours.

Eau De Parfum

Best Areas To Apply Eau de Parfum To:

  • • Side of neck
  • • Wrists  

Eau de Parfum will last longer than the Eau de Toilette, but not as long as the Parfum. Therefore you may need to re-apply every 6-8 hours.Keep in mind that after a few hours of wearing the Eau de Parfum the different notes will start to appear — you will smell the top notes changing to the middle notes. It will be a different scent to when you first applied it. So you may want to keep that scent and not re-apply.  


Best Areas To Apply Parfum To:

  • Small dab behind the ears
  • Small dab on the wrists  

Remind yourself that the Parfum is a luxury to apply, and it will last all day, so make sure you apply sparingly.

Additional Methods For Applying Fragrances

  • Apply your fragrance to the tops of your ears, because the skin tends not to dry out there
  • Apply fragrance to your belly button as it tends to generate heat and maximizes the intensity.
  • Ankles (just a light spritz), particularly if you're wearing a skirt or shorts
  • On your clothing, as fragrances adhere to the clothing fibres (we all love the worn out smell of perfume on our clothes)
  • On your hair

When applying the perfume on your hair, don't apply directly onto your hair as the alcohol in perfume can dry the hair out. It is best to spray a mist onto a brush (or comb) and gently pull through the hair.  

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