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  • L'Instant De Guerlain - Tester


L'Instant De Guerlain - Tester

L'Instant De Guerlain - Tester

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The new Guerlain perfume (2003) for the first time contains magnolia. This delicate and complicated perfume is in harmony with the citrus honey note, which can be scented from the top all the way to the bottom notes. This is a innovative perfume composition built like a 'double olfactory pyramid'. The perfume opens with fresh citrus notes  mandarin and bergamot as one fragrant composition, while the other one gives out the shine of white flowers magnolia, ylang-ylang, and sambac jasmine. The sensuality comes later with vanilla, benzoin, and musk, which leave magical intimate trace. Eau de Toilette has a limited version of the fragrance with iris in the centre  L'Instant Eau de Nol Iris Millsime, while the regular one has an apple-sweets nuance.

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