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  • Kim Kardashian Pure Honey - Tester

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Pure Honey - Tester

Kim Kardashian Pure Honey - Tester

R 445.00

100ml EDP

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Be as intoxicating and irresistable as Aphrodite. An enticing scent that draws people to you like bees to blooms. An alluring blend of raw wild honey and voluptuous fl orals, Pure Honey harnesses the legendary aphrodisiac power of honey to bring you Kim Kardashian's most sensual fragrance yet. Aphrodite, goddess of love, used honey as her own personal nectar. Kim's borrowed the nectar of the gods to make a fragrance as golden and radiant as she is, for a little taste of heaven. A tantalising fl oral gourmand fragrance that opens with a shimmering top note of vivacious red rose and soft freesia, Pure Honey guarantees instant attraction. Nectar rich floralcy combines with a pure honey note heart from the Breche Abeilles Absolute Orpur honeycomb for a feminine, playful collage, while the creamy, rich finish of coconut, vanilla, and musk rounds out the delicious scent.

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