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My Blend by Oliver Courtin 06 Prescribed Comfort Night Face Creme 200ml


My Blend by Oliver Courtin 06 Prescribed Comfort Night Face Creme 200ml

My Blend by Oliver Courtin 06 Prescribed Comfort Night Face Creme 200ml


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200ml Night Creme
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Product Description

My Blend by Oliver Courtin 06 Prescribed Comfort Night Face Creme is recommended If your skin is dehydrated and starting to lose its firmness or if it lacks vitality and wrinkles are appearing.
My Blend is part of the Clarins Group.


Restores firmness and tone to the skin and redefines the facial contour. The skin is more luminous. Wrinkles are visibly reduced.


Apply with the hands, a flat brush or a sponge, as preferred, to a thoroughly
cleansed skin.


    Approved efficacy.

    Immediately after the first use, women declare at:
    -   94.5%: their skin is comfortable*, 
    -   92.5%: their skin is nourished*.

    After 28 days of use, women declare at:
    -   91.7%: their quality of the skin is better*,
    -   85%: their skin is firmer*,
    -   85.8%: their skin is elastic again*.

    *Consumer study conducted on 109 women for 28 days. Results expressed in terms of satisfaction rate.


    Active ingredients :
    • Mitracarpus and kangaroo paw extracts: stimulate collagen and elastin production.
    • Kalanchoe extract: reactivates the skin’s natural self-moisturising mechanisms and thus restores its capacity to retain water.
    • Acerola seed extract: stimulates cell oxygenation and helps to make the skin more radiant.
    • + Cell Synergy Day Complex : helps to protect the skin from the environmental factors responsible for signs of ageing.
    • + My Blend Anti-Pollution Compound: helps to protect the skin from the damaging effects of exposure to inside and outside pollution.

    Day active fragrance: A subtle mix of floral and amber notes, it has an energising, invigorating effect.
    Please note that this is the 200ml  Salon Size for Professional Use Only.  This is not normally sold in retail (the retail size is 40ml which retails for Euro 125).


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