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Here's What You Need To Know About Creed Perfume

Posted: Jul 27 2017

Creed Perfume, the Paris based exclusive fragrance company. These guys do perfume the "old school" way. You get what you pay for! Most Creed customers are extremely loyal to the brand. says "they're the world’s only dynastic, privately held luxury fragrance company".

The Facts

Did you know

Founded in 1760 and passed from father to son. Since then, Creed has been serving royal houses and the discerning public. It is now 251 years since the foundation (Yes, 251 years!) and the Creed Perfume House is guided by the unerring Olivier CREED.

Oliver is the sixth in his family line to head CREED and creator of its most popular scents. The next head of this elegant perfume house is his son, Erwin Creed (the seventh generation) has already contributed to the certain fragrances. The most popular Creed fragrance among others is Aventus and Love in White.

Another interesting fact about Creed is their discretion. It is an important part of Creed’s success. For every high profile client that buys a personal fragrance, the company signs a contract stating that they will not release the details of the fragrance until a certain time. Contracts generally last from five years to a lifetime. So it'll be difficult finding out exactly which fragrance is used by a certain royalty. Their reputation for discretion and elegance has also been grown and maintained so that the business is regarded extremely well by its clients.

The Luxurious Price Tag?

A question which is often asked around the Globe. Taking everything into account this Fashion House stands for, it's easy to see that this luxury brand is aimed at the high-end market. Creed is one of the few perfume houses left to still make perfume by hand. 

Nothing is done in a typical way! No fragrance is released unless approved by the head of the house, Oliver. Likewise, this fashion house does not have any development schedules as opposed to many other fashion houses out there. Creed scents are never flaunted at airports or even your typical fragrance events. Yes, they're quite something else, something different, something unique!

This has led to the fashion house only releasing a new fragrance every five years. And once you have found your favourite Creed scent you can be guaranteed that it will be around for many, many years! This is seen frequently with luxurious & exclusive high-end brands.

The Don't Follow

The departure from the program of relentless releases which competitors engage in seems to keep the quality of Creed fragrances unerringly high, and a fragrance is never compromised or hurried in order to meet a deadline. This is one of the aspects of Creed which makes the company so high-end and luxurious. This policy seems to work as Creed has said to turnover double the industry average every year.
And what exactly makes Creed such a popular choice for royalties and celebrities? As James Craven explains: “Creed infuse their raw natural materials to make their own oils. The materials are extracted in a solvent solution which is heated to draw forth the oils. This slow heating to boiling point gently draws out the essential oil of the plant.

Those refined oils are then used to curate the perfume.

Creed Fragrances are an "Art"

It is like creating art. The refined oils are hand-poured into luxe bottles. And the result? A truly classic scent that delights, intoxicates and entrances the wearer and those who encounter them. A far cry from the usually mass-produced fashion fragrances.

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