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Brand Spotlight: Penhaligons' New Portrait Range!

Posted: Mar 10 2017

As if we weren't already in love with Penhaligons of London's niche and upper class scents, they go and release the new “Portraits” collection of fragrances. The regal range is a tribute to the English spirit; between establishment, humour and provocation.
Inspired by the members of a dysfunctional British family of aristocrats, the latest fragrance collection tells of a classy story of these four key members of the family, each represented by their very own gold animal head.
The Tragedy of Lord George
The Tragedy of Lord George is an Oriental fragrance featuring brandy, vanilla, amber and other woody notes. It depicts the patriarch’s elegant, aged masculinity! Lord George is knows as HE who helms the household.
The Revenge of Lady Blanche
The Revenge of Lady Blanche is a green, floral fragrance featuring notes of iris, narcissus flower and hyacinth. The scent is woody and refreshing. Just like its namesake, the fragrance is soft and gentle with a touch of mystery and a flair for danger.
The Coveted Duchess Rose
The Coveted Duchess Rose, the beautiful daughter of Lord George and Lady Blanche, is an Oriental, floral fragrance featuring notes of mandarin, rose and musk. The Duchess is a romantic, and always up for adventure - in life and love!
Much Ado About The Duke
Much Ado About The Duke is a woody, masculine fragrance but also boasts whimsical notes of rose to demonstrate the unique way that Duke Nelson can also be slightly feminine - even though he might be married the Coveted Duchess Rose. The ambivalent fragrance is bursting with beautiful pepper, rose, leather, wood and gin notes. Just like The Duke himself - the scent is playful and charming.
Shop the “Portraits” Collection of Scents - Exclusive to My Perfume Shop! 

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