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How to choose the perfect wedding scent!

Posted: Nov 18 2019

Recently, we read an article in Brides about how choosing your wedding perfume can be a tricky business. We agree, you have to consider what you like, what your groom likes, and how your scent of choice will last through a whole day of celebration.


"A lot of people choose the fragrance that they wore most when they were dating their significant other, but I recommend wearing something different," said fragrance psychology expert, Jason Nik, "Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses and directly linked to our memory, so by wearing something unique for the wedding the brides and grooms will have a scent that for years to come will remind them specifically of their wedding day." Look for a scent that has a different note than you typically turn to. If you like white florals, try a scent with a citrus top note and florals in the base. This way you still smell like you, but different enough to notice.


You can also layer scents. When testing perfumes, try layering your normal perfume that reminds you of dating your spouse to be, with a new scent. When scents work together well you can create a brand new signature fragrance for your wedding day.
To increase wear time of your scent, floral expert Robyn of The Social Flower says "it is important to find perfumes with a higher oil than water content. This will help the fragrance last longer and is easily activated by increased movement — perfect for when you hit the dance floor." So when you are searching for the perfect scent, seek out a fragrance oil or Eau de Parfum. These have a higher oil content than an Eau de Toilette.
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