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Brand Spotlight: Amouage Parfums

Posted: May 18 2017

amouage memoirThe Most Valuable Perfume in the World, Amouage has its origins in the Sultanate of Oman. His Highness Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud al bu Said had a dream to restore the great Arabian art of perfumery to the region. The house uses traditional for the Middle East perfume ingredients - Silver Frankincense, Myrrh and Rock Rose. Today, as in ancient times, the precious resin from the very ordinary looking frankincense tree is harvested carefully by hand, by a select caste of tribal herders. The essence of an incredibly rare variety of rose called the Omani Rock Rose grows and flowers for the briefest period each year on the remote mountains of Oman. 

The first Amouage fragrance was created by French perfumeur Guy Robert (known for masterpieces created for Hermes, Dior, Rochas and the like) in 1983.
The making of a perfume is never done in a hurry but rather is a culmination of years of patience and hard work— The gold plated embellishments on the beautiful bottles are meticulously afixed by hand. 
amouage 2

Jubilation: Amouage 25th Anniversary commemoration
In November 2007, Amouage celebrated its 25th Anniversary. To mark this occasion, a lavish event was hosted in Oman's capital city, Muscat. During the course of this celebration, Jubilation 25 and XXV were announced, developed by the house's new Creative Director, Christopher Chong. Christopher worked with master perfumers in Grasse to create a timeless classic.
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