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Posted: Mar 16 2020

In both the winter cold and the summer sun, our facial skin is exposed to changing temperatures. Whether to keep it moisturized, protected and firm, to fight first wrinkles or even to help find hormonal balance.

Our small range of cosmetics can help you keep control of your look, whether it is foundation to cover impurities whilst giving you a radiant finish or to hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and natural these are the products you could use for that beautiful result.







A hydrating sheer coverage foundation with a naturally radiant finish and 12 hours of impeccable wear.

This dewy-finish liquid foundation washes over the skin with a unique blend of oligo elements from mineral and plant sources: pink opal powder delivers stunning radiance, and pink algae extract has powerful caring properties. The skin tone is even, and the complexion is radiant and more beautiful by the day. Satin finish.

What It Does:

A luxurious serum foundation that delivers naturally radiant skin—with a smooth - flawless - bare skin feel.

The benefits are:

Skin tone is even, complexion is dewy

Skin is supple and hydrated


Skin type:

All skin types






Apply in the morning to cleanse and moisturise skin.





A brightening lotion that nourishes, comforts and protects your skin.

A luxurious emulsion which ensures radiance and fairness all day long. Containing the powerful Acerola fruit extract, the milky emulsion evens the complexion, moisturises the skin and leaves it velvet-smooth while protecting against oxidative stress. Contains SPF20 / PA+++ for sun protection. Specially formulated for Asian skin.

The benefits:

The complexion is brighter, more radiant and dark spots are visibly diminished.

Nourishes and moisturises skin.

Skin is UV protected.

Skin type:

Normal, dry, combination.




Apply in the morning.






Nourishes, Conditions, Softens

A luxurious and lightweight oil rich in plant collagen designed to keep pregnant and postpartum skin moisturized and supple, helping to prevent and treat stretch marks.

This lightweight oil is a go-to for new moms and moms-to-be who want to keep stretch marks in check. Rich in plant collagen, the moisturizing blend easily and deeply absorbs into the skin to help maintain the elasticity that is essential to stretch mark prevention. Formulated with the finest grade aromatherapy oil, this exquisite blend can also be used to soften and smooth dry skin and condition the nails, hair and scalp.


The benefits:


A celebrity favourite and beloved by moms and moms-to-be, worldwide, to prevent and help reduce the look of stretch marks.


Luxurious, rich blend of exquisite, lightweight oils that absorbs easily into the skin.

Softens and smoothes dry skin and conditions the nails, hair and scalp.

How to use it:

Pour a small quantity in the hand, warm between the palms and apply daily to skin and nails. This beautiful oil blend can also be used as a hair conditioning treatment. Recommended for use throughout pregnancy to prevent stretch marks: massage over the bust, tummy, buttocks and thighs. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly.






Formulated with a sophisticated amino acid blend of natural humectants to attract moisture into the deeper layers of the skin for exceptional moisturization and added protection to support delicate skin around the eyes. Intensely active Padina pavonica and blue flower linseed help firm and smooth for more youthful looking eye contours.



This advanced eye treatment targets fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. Helps smooth and firm for a more youthful appearance.


This weightless formula hydrates without overloading the eye area.

Contains protein-rich actives that help soften and smooth the delicate skin around the eyes.

Smooth the delicate skin around the eyes.

Helps the skin look and feel firmer and more youthful.


How to use:

Dispense one to two drops onto the ring fingers and lightly pat around the eye contour.






Extra-gentle, oil-free regimen for skins with visible redness.

Helps calm and comfort skin, quelling visible redness and averting future flare-ups. Soothing Cleanser melts away makeup and impurities. Daily Relief Cream calms, comforts, and hydrates. Daily Protective Base corrects visible redness and protects with SPF, prepping skin for makeup. The regimen is appropriate for skins with Rosacea.

Set Includes:


Soothing cleanser, 75ml


Daily relief cream, 30ml


Daily protective base SPF 15, 15ml


How to use:


Together, consistently, morning and evening.


Soothing cleanser


Daily relief cream


Daily protective cream SPF 15(morning only)


Keep using instead of regular 3 step regimen and city block formula, even after flare-ups have disappeared.


Appropriate for skins with mild-to-moderate persistent redness.








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