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Wedding Wishlist: 6 Fragrances to Fit Every Bridal Personality

Posted: Feb 12 2016

Planning your wedding and haven't decided on a fragrance yet? Scent has such close ties to your memory, many recommend wearing a specific perfume to make the big day even more special, as just one whiff can transport you back to the event long after it has ended.

Even Oscar de la Renta agrees—"Every woman dreams of that day,". You have to go the extra mile and fulfil that dream to make something that a woman will fall in love with." In the wedding spirit, we at My Perfume Shop, have selected six of the best bridal fragrances based on bridal personality. From the traditional and glamorous, to the modern party girl, we've covered all the bases. 

See below:

You're kicking the traditional checklist to the curb, and are planning to pull off a completely new concept for your big day. Even your partner is on board with your unconventional tastes, and whether you're sporting rose gold or something entirely unexpected on your ring finger, it's definitely very you! The modern approach you're taking with your reception further drives your anything-goes attitude at home. If this sounds like you, a contemporary floral scent like the Chloe's, Love Chloe. Love Chloe has a feminine and sophisticated floral composition, described to be powdery and soft. Inspired by a trip to Japan, the fragrance gives classic gardenia notes a new twist by mixing in impulsive elements like ginger and lemon.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and your massive engagement ring proves it. You plan to walk the aisle in full-on couture. Your bridesmaids are supportive of your luxurious tastes, thanks to the designer dresses you chose for them, and your soft metallic makeup look won't be complete without a set of fluttery false lashes. Of course, a scent fit for royalty is the only one you'd consider. Chance in French means 'luck'. Chanel and Chance sound so similar as if they were created for each other. Chance is lively fragrance, radiant with energy. This vibrant floral scent creates a playful impression with invigorating Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Jasmine, Cedar and Iris notes.

Wedding? More like a party to celebrate how fabulous you are! You're not too worried about the arrangements at the church, because everyone is more eager for the reception anyway (hello, open bar!), and while your bridal party is arranging your shower, you're more focused on the bachelorette party. Idylle... Light and airy, an unforgettable love affair, an impulse, an ecstasy. It is waking up with a smile and going to sleep with a memory. It is a thousand details, words and kisses. It is ardour and intensity. Created in 2009 by Thierry Wasser, Guerlain House Perfumer, Idylle is a love dream by Guerlain.

Some would call you a "bridezilla," and while you may not relate to the term, you can certainly sympathise with the "crazy" brides documented on reality TV. After all, if everyone would have just listened to them the first time, the temper tantrum wouldn't have been necessary. You've scared off a few members of your bridal party, have your seamstress and florist on speed dial, and every detail on the itinerary has been planned right down to the minute. Stressful, right? 

Lovestruck is a musky floral with your standard fruit bomb opening (tart guava jam and citrus), a cheerful middle-weight fresh floral heart (allegedly tuberose and lotus blossom, and there are vague suggestions of both) and a pale woody-musky dry down (something that could stand in for sandalwood, a little drop of creamy vanilla, plenty of clean musk). 

While everyone else was buzzing over the shower, bachelorette, and seating arrangements, you decided to take a stress-free approach to planning your big day. The process of picking your dress was (mostly) low-key, your bridal party has been more anxious than you, and you're trusting your own handy-work in terms of makeup and hair. Complement your attitude with a fragrance just as easygoing, Like Balenciaga Paris,  Balenciaga Paris is not a romantic floral fragrance, but created with a dose of the urban and the traditional with nuances of metal effects. Its composition is characterised as a chypre floral with accentuated violet. The effect it leaves is not powdery as it usually does in other compositions, but violet leaves are put in the front plan so the fragrance receives light, fresh and natural nuances. Floral essences are represented by carnation and violet.

 You prefer to do things by the book. You made your attendee list months ago, checked it twice, are planning to wear a classic gown (if not your mother's), and will certainly be incorporating something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue into your final look. Cross both the blue and new items off of the list by picking up Oscar de la Renta's Something Blue scent, which is an airy blend of bergamot, linden blossom, lily of the valley, and narcissus flower. The light floral scent caters to your traditional tastes, and will complement your bouquet of white roses to boot.

Happy Wedding Planning, Brides of SA! 

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