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Which Designer Fragrance Suits Your Style & Personality?

Posted: Jul 10 2015

The marvel of fashion houses is that every house is unique and can appeal to all different types of people across the world through their designs. The fun part is is choosing which designer house best suits your personality and style. From Dior with its modernist designs and feminine lines that appeals to the woman who likes taking it back to basics and loves minimalism,  to the powerhouse Versace that is enriched in Italian heritage and embodies the strong, sexy female who walks confidently in bold designs and wants to be the centre of attention. To demure Chanel, the understated, traditional lady who wears class effortlessly and never makes a style mistake because she is pure elegance and embodies timeless style. Each designer house stays true to their identity and philosophy and it is shown through their designs and fragrances they launch.. So which designer house best suits you? Take a look and buy with My Perfume Shop and save up to R400! 

Giorgio Armani 









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