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How to differentiate original and fake perfume

Posted: Jul 03 2015

Hello friends and customers, we have been receiving lots of question on how to differentiate original and fake designer perfume. As we already know, there’s a lot of fake designer perfume sold in the market. Of course, we can easily identify the cheap RM10-RM20 perfume as fake. By the price itself, automatically we will know that the perfume is Fake. So when you come to a store that is selling designer perfume below RM50, please don’t ask the seller ‘clever’ question “Is this original perfume?”. They will just smile at you or maybe telling you lie straight at your face “yes its original”. 

But nowadays, new level of fake designer perfume has entered the market. Normally called ‘Gred A or Gred AA’ perfume. This Gred AA perfume has almost everything it takes to be called ‘Original perfume’. The packaging, the bottle, and the scent are almost same. But of course if its falls under ‘fake’ category, it can never beat the long lasting and scent that original designer perfume have. I believe most perfume-mania can identify if the perfume they bought Is original or fake. So the information that I’m about to share here is: How we as consumer can identify the perfume sold is original or fake. 

1. The Packaging

They misspelled the perfume name on the box. How can an exclusive designer perfumes accidently misspelled their brand on their product? Remember, designer perfumes are luxury items, this kind of mistake will never happens.
The wrapping is not perfect, original perfume should have its plastic cellophane wrap neatly around the box.

We normally import our tester perfumes in cost effective packaging (plain white or brown boxes or without box and bundled as loose item - maybe no lid) . We can save a lot on import duty by doing this. So if we manage to save on the duty, we can offer you a cheaper price to enjoy our perfumes. 

FAQ's on our tester perfumes: It is the exact same product, as without testers designer houses cannot promote their products therefore it is 100% guaranteed the same product. It is sealed in our warehouse and unused. 

- Are they the same quality & smell?

Yes, they are completely the same and of the same concentrate. Often a fragrance will only mature on your skin after 30 minutes and up to 1 hour.- Why do testers come in a brown/white box or un-boxed?

That is the cheapest package to use, the product is not meant to be sold, hence the design of the box and sticker displaying tester.

- Can I buy testers from www.MYPERFUMESHOP.co.za?

Yes, we have the biggest tester collection in Africa, often you will have savings up to 50% of the same perfume in a retail display box.

- Is it legal to buy and sell perfume testers?

Yes, provided that the seller informs the buyer that it is a tester and sold as a tester.

2. The Bottles

You should always see the country of origin at plastic stickers under the bottles (eg: Made in France, Made in USA). Note that most fake perfume will not put country of origin. But..Be careful!! I have seen some Gred AA perfume also print country of origins under the bottles. But don’t worry there are still few way to check if the perfume is original. Continue reading..

Original perfume will have high quality bottles, you can know this by the smooth and fine surface while fake perfume is a bit rough and contoured. The brand name printed on the bottle is normally embossed and can’t be easily erased.
The cap of original perfume should fit snugly and stay in place if you flip the bottle upside down. Most of fakes perfume’s caps do not fit nicely with its bottle. You can know this by trying to open and close the cap.

3. The Content

Some people will tell you to shake the bottle to see if the perfume is original. What should we see actually? OK, for original perfume, the bubbles that appear when you shake the bottle should disappear in a span of approximately 10-15 seconds. However, fake perfume’s bubbles will immediately disappear after you shake it.
The color should be consistent. If you are a die-hard fan of certain perfume, you should know its original color.

4. The scent

Original perfume will have 3 layers: Top notes, middle notes, and base notes. That’s why you can smell the perfume differently when you first pray it, later you will smell the middle notes and finally you can smell the base notes. However, fake perfume may smell familiar but have a flat, one-dimensional quality to them like they are missing an entire layer of notes.
Original perfume should last at least 2-3 hour or more when you wear it. Fakes will only last less than 1 hour.
Original perfume should last more than 24hour when sprayed on paper (EDP), while EDT will last at least 24 hour.
Hope I have provided you enough information for you to survive in buying original perfume
You can always trust sellers who have a return policy. If they are selling original perfume, they should be confident of their product. Imagine if fake perfume-seller having a return policy..i think they will end-up spending their time to exchange all perfume that they have sold to customer
If you think the information is not enough, you can always google around in the internet to study more, maybe you will end-up to be perfume experts one day,hehe.

Enjoy your perfumes!!

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