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5 Things You Never Knew About Perfumes

Posted: May 08 2015

Looking back in time, delving into the history of perfumes origins in cultures across the globe to its modern evolution and recommending fragrances with these aromatic notes.  There are 5 key aromatics in perfumes - jasmine, cinnamon, ambergris, mint, and frankincense—it weaves together a powerful history of the senses. People sailed around the world the wrong way just to get different aromas into their lives. In the spirit of those spice-seeking adventurers, exploring the role of scent in everything from Greek mythology and classic texts like One Thousand and One Nights to its impact on modern medicine, and even flapper-era cocktails. 

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Incense has long been intimately entwined with ritual, from scenting the sleeves of geishas’ robes to easing souls into the afterlife. Remarkably, it was also used to measure time. Centuries ago, the Chinese developed a precise method for producing reed-like sticks with a standardized burn rate. When lit, the incense functioned as an olfactory clock—a way of smelling time.

Incense Fragrances: 


1. 2 Man by Commes Des Garcons, 100ml EDT @R1,180 Buy now 

2. Poison by Dior, 100ml EDT @R1,235 Buy now

3. Infusion d' Iris by Prada, 100ml EDP @R1,450 Buy now

4. Black Orchid by Tom Ford, 100ml EDP @R1,595 Buy now

5. Lou Lou by Cacharel, mini 3ml EDP @R135 Buy now 

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Long before cinnamon became the unofficial titan of the spice route, it occupied a powerful perch: A Roman emperor had his crowns fashioned from the fragrant, russet-colored bark and covered in beaten gold.

Cinnamon Fragrances: 

1. D&G Anthology 11 La Force by Dolce & Gabbana, 100ml EDT @R750 Buy now

2. London for men by Burberry, 100ml EDT @R790 Buy now

3. Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, 90ml EDT @R955 Buy now

4. L'eau d'Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake, 125ml EDT @R835 Buy now

5. 1 Million Limited Edition by Paco Rabanne, 100ml EDT @R965 Buy now

6. Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss, 100ml EDT @R785 Buy now

7. Mitsouko by Guerlain, 75ml EDP @R1,080 Buy now

8. Joop! Homme by Joop! Tester, 75ml Aftershave @R325 Buy now

9. Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier, 100ml EDP @R1,245 Buy now

10. Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier, 125ml EDT @R895 Buy now

11. Zero Plus Masculine by Diesel, 75ml EDT @R279 Buy now

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At the turn of the last century, mint farms began popping up in response to the burgeoning chewing-gum market. In Michigan, Albert M. Todd, an enterprising grower nicknamed the “Peppermint King,” started his experimental farms in the aptly named town of Mentha; his “Crystal White” mint oil was a hit—and seemed to presage the wave of toothpastes that followed.

Mint Fragrances: 

1. Cool Water by Davidoff Tester, 125ml EDT @R535 Buy now

2. Le Male Summer Edition, 125ml cologne @R580 Buy now

3. A* Men by Thierry Mugler, 30ml EDT @R399 Buy now

4. Armani Code Sport by Giorgio Armani, 50ml EDT @R840 Buy now

5. Florabotanica by Balenciaga, 100ml EDP @R1,590 Buy now

6. Hugo by Hugo Boss, 150ml EDT @R780 Buy now

7. Bleu de Chanel by Chanel, 150ml EDP @R1,860 Buy now

8. Roadster by Cartier, 100ml EDT @R980 Buy now

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As proof that there’s truth behind even the oldest customs, a recent study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem shows that the smoke of frankincense—that biblical magi favorite—helps relieve depression and anxiety in mice. (Wise men, indeed.)

Frankincense Fragrances: 

1. Aqva Amara by Bvlgari, @R840 Buy now

2. Infusion d'Homme by Prada, 200ml EDT @R1,560 Buy now

3. Coco Noir by Chanel, 100ml EDP @R1,930 Buy now

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Finally, setting the record straight on a modern-day fragrance custom: To neutralize an over stimulated nose, forgo sniffing coffee beans, which can actually compound the problem, and inhale through a swatch of clean wool. Given the appetite for fragrance her book is sure to pique, it’s a tip to remember.

Coffee Fragrances: 

1. Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli, 75ml EDT @R895 Buy now

2. Polo Red by Polo, 125ml EDT @R1,050 Buy now 

3. Incense Kyoto by Commes Des Garcons, 50ml EDT @R785 Buy now

4. Uomo by Valentino, @R980 Buy now

5. Desire Me by Escada, 75ml EDP @R795 Buy now

6. Jacomo for men, @R580 Buy now

7. Noa by Cacharel, 100ml EDT @R980 Buy now


Courtesy Vogue UK 

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