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10 Reasons Why Your Deodorant Might Not Be Work

Posted: May 03 2021

Deodorants are very useful elements that can save you from embarrassment. The embarrassment was caused due to body odor because of the bacterial breakdown and sweat in the armpits and other body parts. People have a dilemma about choosing the right deodorant because there is a wide range of varieties and brands available in the market. Thus, selecting the right deodorants according to your body needs and personality is essential otherwise, it won't work for you. Sometimes people try many things, but none of them works for them, and they don't know why that is happening.

Common Reasons Why Does Might Not Work For You

1. Choose What Your Body Need

The first thing you need to clear is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirants, which are the main types of deodorant available in the market. The deodorants are used for fragrance and smell to cope with the foul body odor, whereas the antiperspirants are applied to stop sweating, which is the reason for foul body odor. So when you are shopping for deodorant, you need to clarify what your body requirements are. If you have more sweat for antiperspirants, and if not, then go for fragrance deos. Thus, this can be why your deodorant is not working, and you cannot select suitable deodorant. 

2. Too Much Sweat

The human body releases sweat, and at high temperatures, sweat increases, but different people have different tendencies of generating sweat. When you apply deodorant, but your body releases too much sweat, that will not work because all the fragrance will leave with sweat, and you will have a bad odor. This can be the possible reason for your deodorant, which is not working. You can try an antiperspirant for reducing your sweat, and you can work on it if this is your reason. 

3. Confused About Finding Right Deodorant

A lot of varieties and brands available these days may confuse people on finding the right deodorant. The range of deodorants from expensive to cheap may confuse even more people. People end up buying the wrong deo which their body doesn't suit. Also, females need to purchase women deo or unisex deodorants, whereas males should look for male-oriented deodorants or unisex. When your deodorant isn't working, check your brand and change, and don't go for that brand ever.

4. Applying Without Reading Instruction

Most people these days buy deodorant without reading the labels, tags, and instructions and just start applying it to their body which may not work, and start complaining about their deodorant not working. You need to check whether that deo is unisex, male, female, antiperspirant, etc. You need to know your body type and then choose yours as per your need. Men should use good quality men deos, and the same goes for females. 

5. Not Applying Deodorant At Night

Most people have a habit of applying deodorant during day times when they go out. Using deo just before heading out will not work for long enough. You should try applying deo or antiperspirant at night before sleep because, during the night, the skin remains dry, and it will work for you the next day as well, which makes you fresh all day and night. Overnight, applying deo or antiperspirants will reduce the sweat level, and your deodorant will effectively start working. 

6. Not Using Deodorant For Longer Period

Some people might not have used deodorant for a more extended period of time, and sometimes people used to have a detox phase where they don't use artificial fragrance. During this time, the pores that are closed to level down the body odor again reopens. Once you start using the deodorant that pores don't get closed overnight, and you need to wait for a while and let your deodorant become active enough to close the pores to stop body odor, and this can be the problem when you deo isn't working.  

7. Use Good Soaps For Bath

The real reason behind the foul body odor is the bacteria formed due to the sweat of your body. These bacterias cause bad smells, and that needs to be managed. Using soaps that are antibacterial can be very helpful when you take a bath. Sometimes people are not taking proper baths, and then they apply deodorant, which won't work enough, and they will start complaining about the deo they are using. Thus, having good quality soap or body wash can be important for your deodorant to work. 

8. Maintain Hygiene

Hygiene is also an important thing which is necessary because not taking a bath means your body has a bad body odor as it is not clean. Also, there is unwanted body hair in the sweaty part of the human body, which should be removed. It is suitable for hygiene purposes, and your body will be less sweaty, which will have the least bit of bacteria. Thus, not maintaining body hygiene can be the possible reason for your deodorant not working. 

9. Clothes

Clothes can also play a part in a case where your deodorant is not working well enough for you. When the temperature is high, it is suitable to wear clothes that are loose because the body will cause more sweat that releases a bad smell and changes body odor when you wear tight clothes. You need to find suitable clothes that don't create more sweat and apply deodorant accordingly. 

10. Stress

Last but not least, one of the reasons that your deodorant is not working is the stress. When the human body is under excessive stress, they release more sweat, increasing the bacteria that causes the bad odor. In such cases, it's not the fault of your deodorant, but stress is something that affects your deodorant to work properly in managing body odor. 


Human body odor is very important to manage as it can give the wrong impression about your personality. Deodorants are the most convenient and economical way to manage your body odor, and my perfume shop can be helpful in offering a good range of deodorant that is effective for you and your body. There can be many reasons that your deodorant is not working for you, but these are the common issues that can help you find out why your deodorant is not working.

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